Lady virginity remains highly valued certainly Filipinos (look for Profile dos )

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Lady virginity remains highly valued certainly Filipinos (look for Profile dos )

Responding into concern, “How important would it be having a lady become a beneficial virgin until she gets married?” more than half away from Filipinos (60%) told you it had been extremely important and you can as much as step three away from ten respondents (28%) thought it extremely important. Only 12% noticed it was not essential. Cross-tabulation investigation playing with X 2 examination conveyed zero extreme connectivity ranging from valuation away from ladies’ virginity and you can demographic services (all of the p’s > .1; get a hold of Table step 1 ).

Similar to past conclusions on literary works, ladies virginity try have a tendency to construed once the a cherished provide to-be provided by lady to men relating to heterosexual affairs

Since valuation out of ladies’ virginity appeared to be common across demographic parameters having fun with across the country member investigation, i checked-out qualitative profile from Filipinos when you look at the financially marginalized portion to offer “voice” to help you definition-and come up with up to virginity. Virginity are equated so you’re able to a female’s worth and you can complete personhood, and that their better worth since the a present. Note the second notice class exchange that have urban parece pseudonyms):

Including and past construing ladies virginity as the something special, our qualitative data indicated that guys plus experienced female virginity while the a form of award become claimed in the context of heterosexual race for females. These types of interview excerpts exemplify this particular construction regarding virginity, hence is better than the previous present metaphor:

Construing women’s virginity notably less gift for ladies provide however, due to the fact a prize for men to help you claim for themselves served so you’re able to change agency off female. Within this build out-of women’s virginity, guys are the fresh productive agents out-of sexual quest, competing against both in a game title of heterosexuality are the first to ever initiate a woman into the areas out of sexuality. In the place of regarding the virginity-as-provide framework where an excellent woman’s worth is will reduced so you can good one-date embodied financial support that she could technically prefer to bestow or maybe not, throughout the virginity-as-honor framework a lady is actually positioned as the a fixed sites like quickflirt object, cherished on the undeniable fact that few other boys been able to can the woman basic (nakauna), sexually-talking.

Filipino boys within the focus communities, as with the above extract, produced multiple references to using sex that have a beneficial virgin while the bringing in order to a woman earliest and you may, thus, staking some kind of heterosexual men claim for the a woman-a possession one to most other men would not be able to bargain aside. And as a single-date honor, ladies cannot share its virginity to almost any other people they so favor.

Boys considered that ladies is confused or disadvantage (dehado) if they also got intercourse that have people besides the original child exactly who gotten the new prize regarding virginity. Which belief are reinforced of the a good stigma it ascribed to women whoever virginity got been advertised. Like lady was in fact named latak, a great Tagalog keyword meaning dregs otherwise worthless leftovers.

The fresh valuation out of women’s virginity is extensive all over demographic services particularly since decades, sex, marital standing, urban/rural location, and you can informative attainment (which in YAFS3 functions as a proxy to have socioeconomic position)

If you’re Filipino men recommended virginity as an important feature of women before marriage, Filipina ladies advertised as frequently otherwise sometimes even alot more strict and you will restrictive viewpoints in the women virginity reputation. Indeed, questionnaire data indicated that Filipina females ascribed benefits towards ladies virginity normally or even more than just people do. Of your ladies from the survey, 63% think ladies virginity becoming extremely important, compared to 56% off young men (get a hold of Profile step 3 ). Full, 89% of females sensed virginity to get often very important or extremely important. This is maybe not significantly unlike brand new proportion of males whom experienced in addition (86%).