Korean Marriage Customs

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Traditionally, Korean marriage customs are seated in Confucian values. These values place family above marriage. Therefore , new marriages are not supposed to interact too meticulously with in-law families. Nevertheless , the traditions of parent-child relationships remains significant.

The bride and groom traditionally visit the groom’s family group first. The parents with the groom consult the parents with the bride to marry. They also provide the wedding party with gift ideas and alcoholic beverages. These gifts stand for delight and virility.

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During the ceremony, the bride and groom present gifts to one another and to their families. Their items are usually cash or various other items that work for the couple’s future.

Additionally they perform a ritual called pye-baek. This tradition is certainly followed by a wedding feast. They serve food to their families and other guests. Their friends also provide them with products. The gifts can be small or perhaps large.

The products are placed in a hottest korean model pack called hahm. The details could incorporate expensive things. They may also include the couple’s own money. In earlier times, the couple’s parents cannot take the hahm until they’d been treated by the gift giver.

A second traditional Korean wedding tradition is known as a celebration referred to as seong-hon-rye. It is just a short wedding ceremony that is certainly followed by food intake. During this ceremony, the few makes a profound bow. Then they drink ceremonial wine beverages and share this with their families.

The groom’s family members presents the bride’s home with gift ideas and alcoholic beverages. They also bring sweets intended for the bridal party.