In route returning to college, she witnessed the fresh new Passing People raid the brand new Hogwarts Show, trying to Harry Potter

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In route returning to college, she witnessed the fresh new Passing People raid the brand new Hogwarts Show, trying to Harry Potter

Recite 12 months

Because she spent six months into the health getting over the woman curse, Katie returned to Hogwarts inside 1997-1998 school year in order to recite their 7th season. [23]

From inside the 1998, during the height of the Next Wizarding Conflict, Katie, getting old, battled about Battle out-of Hogwarts up against Lord Voldemort with his armed forces off Dying Eaters. Katie reunited with Oliver, Alicia, and you can Angelina within Hogwarts. When you look at the very first stage of race, she was seen fighting alongside Aberforth Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, and you can Leanne. [24]

The fight try titled to a stop when Voldemort requested one to Harry Potter give up and arrived at your from the Taboo Forest, or else however enter the competition and you will damage most of the defenders out of Hogwarts. Harry surrendered and you may registered the new forest, in which Voldemort apparently murdered your on the Eliminating Curse. [25] not, Harry live, because Voldemort got merely murdered the brand new Horcrux inside Harry. About final phase of one’s race, Harry eventually stood from the crowd and you can confronted Voldemort one-on-you to definitely, and you will outdone your inside a last duel, destroying your once and for all. [26]

Adopting the competition she is viewed sitting which have Cho, Padma Patil, and you can Leanne, probably grateful the battle try eventually more and you can Lord Voldemort are lifeless and you may gone forever. [27] Katie ultimately live another Wizarding Conflict.

Personality and you can attributes

Katie was a friendly person who was most in search of Quidditch. She has also been form and soft. Harry Potter immediately after noted, one off the Quidditch slope she won’t hurt a travel. She had a sound judgment of fairness, taking you to Harry earned new term regarding Quidditch Master over by herself no bitterness. She and additionally advised him not to ever instantly promote her someplace into team versus first trying out, as his or her was best people than simply the woman. Also, she hated people who got a pure-bloodstream obsession. Katie believed that there were no differences when considering sheer-bloods and you will Muggle-borns, as she turned into such as for instance crazy whenever Malfoy titled Hermione Granger a “Mudblood”, exhibiting their as most open-minded of people various bloodstream statuses.

Katie was also daring and you may computed, since she is actually sorted into Gryffindor house and you may is a member out of Dumbledore’s Army, so you’re able to oppose Dolores Umbridge. She and courageously fought alongside other D.A. people inside the Competition from Hogwarts, face-to-face individuals Death Eaters and also wound up thriving the fight, demonstrating her enormous respect and you will commitment to safeguarding her college.

Enchanting abilities and you can knowledge

  • Flying: Katie played the position off Chaser into Gryffindor Quidditch party, demonstrating one to she was an incredibly competent broomstick flyer and you will Quidditch user. She in addition to understood one to a Quidditch teams you will definitely come destroyed due to Captains letting in their relatives or to try out the old face, and you may need Harry never to fall under one, demonstrating the woman quite strong dedication to success in the field. Despite this she were able to safer the girl spot-on the fresh cluster, showing that she was basically a highly skilled flyer and you may Chaser.
  • Duelling: Katie read just how to duel within Duelling Pub in her own 3rd 12 months. [9] She was also instructed some offensive and you will protective spells if you’re planning to the new group meetings out-of Dumbledore’s Army, around Harry Potter’s expert training. [17] Katie and many other Hogwarts people fought bravely from the Battle away from Hogwarts up against Voldemort’s military and you will lasted, [27] demonstrating her are a very skilled duellist actually having an excellent talent for martial miracle.
  • Transfiguration: Katie are proficient which have transfiguration, a quite difficult and you will advanced department of secret, because she grabbed the topic from the Letter.E.W.T.-height, [22] definition she need attained often a keen “Outstanding” or “Is higher than Criterion” inside her transfiguration Ordinary Wizarding Peak.