Study got a preliminary intimate relationship with Natasha Yar when you look at the 2364

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Study got a preliminary intimate relationship with Natasha Yar when you look at the 2364

Tasha Yar seen one to Investigation seen the nation with the wonder away from a child. Throughout the his services Investigation got befriended multiple youngsters. Investigation befriended an alien girl entitled Sarjenka for the citation of your own perfect directive. So you’re able to mitigate the destruction, Picard ordered Dr. Pulaski in order to delete Sarjenka’s memories. ( TNG : ” Pen Family “) Study befriended an effective ten-year-old man titled Timothy after Timothy is orphaned regarding the burst one to shed the newest Vico. Timothy wished to be struggling to feeling like Studies once the he wrongfully attributed themselves on Vico’s depletion, so the guy pretended is an android os and you may tried to mimic Studies in just about any method. ( TNG : ” Hero-worship “) Research befriended an alien girl entitled Gia as he missing his memories for the Barkon IV. It relationship try similar to his friendship with Sarjenka, simply now, it had been Research exactly who lost every memories of one’s relationship, and also the guy who would bear in mind him. ( TNG : ” Thine Own Mind “)


Because an enthusiastic unemotional person in the fresh new crew, and you will a prominent coach with the head, Data mutual of numerous parallels to help you Spock up to speed the initial USS Firm. Although not, where Spock commonly considered themselves to be superior to People, Research aspired becoming even more Human (Analysis after reported that which have no feelings produced him closer to Vulcans than just Human beings, but he receive the stark viewpoints to be minimal). New evaluate between the two is quickly visible in it when they came across toward Romulus. Spock noted you to Data’s complete diminished feeling and you can advanced physical opportunities was services that Vulcans aspired, however, Research wanted to become more Peoples. Analysis detailed you to given that a half-Person, Spock quit what Research had wanted their whole life of the opting for brand new Vulcan way of life. ( TNG : ” Unification We “, ” Unification II “)


Research is set which have multiple processes and you can try “fully useful.” Studies had an intimate experience of Natasha Yar during the influence out of polywater intoxication and you may experimented with a partnership having Jenna D’Sora in the later 2367. ( TNG : ” The fresh new Nude Now “, ” In theory “) Into the 2373, the fresh Borg King enticed your so that you can convince Analysis to participate brand new Borg’s end up in. ( Celebrity Trip: First Get in touch with )

Natasha Yar

Yar was at minimum a little attracted to Studies together with gender that have him while you are intoxicated by polywater intoxication. She after told him the incident “never ever taken place.” ( TNG : ” New Naked Now “) Study, due to the fact he’s best recollections (he can remember whatever has previously happened to help you your such as for example it happened), still thought a special link with Tasha. He leftover a holographic image of Tasha to remember the girl. Whenever Data’s legal rights because good sentient becoming was indeed titled towards matter, their romantic come across which have Tasha is actually a strong influence for Courtroom Phillipa Louvois to help you rule one to Study were a beneficial sentient lifeform. ( TNG : ” The new Measure of A man “) La Forge and you may Wesley best hookup apps Modesto Crusher located the new holoimage after they visited Data’s residence just after his visible passing from inside the 2366. ( TNG : ” The absolute most Playthings “)

Jenna D’Sora

From inside the late 2367, Lieutenant Jenna D’Sora receive herself crazy about Investigation. Just after she expressed her affection getting your by the making out him towards this new mouth, Studies asked his family getting suggestions about what you should do, and you can made a decision to realize the connection. Once the he’d zero actual thoughts otherwise feelings, Study authored another program within his neural online to compliment him from ins and outs out-of love. not, due to the fact their connection with Jenna advanced, Data learned that within the relationship, the newest logical path isn’t necessarily the best.